Class 9: LoTi & Productivity Tool

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Part I
: Level of Technology Implementation (LoTI level)
Once you know what content you should address for your subject and grade level, how do you know what types of activities to include? Using the Levels of Technology Implementation to quantify what is going on in a classroom is a good way to begin.

LoTi is used to evaluate how much technology is integrated into teaching. However, LoTi level is NOT an instrument to assess the technology competency of a teacher, but an instrument to guide the teacher's technology implementation in the classroom. Nonetheless, it is necessary for teachers to be aware of their technology implementation levels and potential improvements when they are using technology in teaching. Therefore, LoTi level has been used as an evaluative guide for Georgia Department of Education Educational Technology. You'll be referring to these levels, along with standards, in all facets of your project work.

Part II: Productivity Tool Introduction

Working with templates to create a professional classroom. Now that you have begun to build a foundation in learning theories, teaching strategies, state and national content standards, and LoTi, it is time to put together your classroom. You'll use various productivity tools: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to prepare materials for your class. Use the link to the productivity tools project description to get the specifics on the deliverable you will create.

Before you begin working on your materials, you'll sit in a short lesson on using templates to streamline your work. This will help you to create your newsletter, calendar, business cards, and certificates. Make sure to save a copy of each completed artifact to your assignments folder on your key drive. It will be easier for you if you name your files as what they are (i.e. the calendar could be called "calendar.doc")

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