Class 17: Review on Inspiration and Kidspiration

Your productivity tool grades are on WebCT and I will give you the feedback and return your works within a folder. You are going to use this folder for all the following projects. Most of you have received a good score on this project. Some people got points off just because of some parts are missing, so next time please make sure that you got everything there before you turn in your projects.

For those of you who used your late pass, the productivity tools is due today. Please turn in the printed artifacts, email me the link of your productivity page and your actual attendance sheet and grading sheet as excel spreadsheets.

Today your "All about me" class practice is due. Please turn in your diagram before the class starts. Again, go to the following places to get ideas for your own activities:
Previous students' works
Inspiration & Kidspiration website

When you finish your activities, you can choose to directly save them as Inspiration or Kidspiration file, which has the extension name of ".isf" or ".ksf", respectively. Or you can choose to convert them into word document.
To convert an Inspiration file into a word file, simple click on the "Transfer" button on the most right of the top menu. To convert a Kidspiration file into a word file, click Publish Options on the Teacher menu.

The Inspiration / Kidspiration projects are due on Monday, October 1st. You need to have one group/class activity and one individual activity. Both of them need to have the Teacher Information Sheet to describe them.

On Monday, you need give me:
  • The printed diagram for both of your activities.
  • Two Teacher Information sheets.
  • You also need to email me the URL for your Inspiration/Kidspiration page.
For your Inspiration/Kidspiration page, you need to have all the components that are specified on the project description page.

Today you are going to continue working on your projects of Inspiration and Kidspiration.

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