Class 15: Visual Learning and Inspiration

Because I have not received many submissions, I decide that the due date will be extended to Wednesday, September 26th.
But those who submit your works before the class starts on Monday will get extra 0.8 point for the early submission. (The total points for the productivity tool project is 10 point.)

Your understanding of learning theory and technology integration is really starting to come together. You are learning that technology is not used in K-12 classrooms just to make learning more fun. Technology tools can be used in conjunction with good teaching strategies to address various learning styles and student needs.

What does it mean to be a visual learner? What is visual learning? What does this look like in a classroom?

Where does visual learning fit with the curriculum standards you looked at before today's class? Are there specific standards that require visual learning activities? What key words in the standards indicate this?

One of the resources students and teachers can use to assist in visual learning is Inspiration, or the preK-5 version called Kidspiration. Both tools allow students to see a concept and its connecting themes and ideas. During today's class, you'll become more familiar with the program and look at examples of how this tool can be used to develop learning activities.

During today's class you'll learn more about designing learning activities and the specifics of your visual learning project.
We will create an "All About Me" concept map. These will be turned in at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

For the class project, you'll create two activities for your subject area/grade level -- one for a whole group lesson and one for a small group or individual lesson.

Sample student work
You'll need to find out more information about visual learning by reading the article distributed during class and read more about the Inspiration/Kidspiration project before getting started. The Inspiration/Kidspiration assignment will be due Monday, October 1st at the beginning of the class.

FOR Wednesday:
Download the trial version of Inspiration and/or Kidspiration.


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