Class 13: Productivity Tools-- Working sheet and reflection page

By now you are familiar with locating and customizing templates to create newsletters, brochures, certificates, calendars, etc. You have also used PowerPoint to create a seating chart and have used Excel to create a pictograph and an attendance/grade book record.

Your remaining tasks for the Productivity Tools Project are to create a worksheet and write a reflection on using productivity tools in teaching and learning.


To find a worksheet to customize, there are two useful websites: Discovery School Teaching Tools and Education World. Another useful place to find worksheet templates is Online Worksheet Generator. Just make sure that you select a worksheet that can be used for your subject area/grade level. Don't just print out a worksheet that you find - make sure to customize it.


The final portion of your assignment (worth 30% of your grade) is the reflection. Here's an example of what your reflection/webpage should look like.

Here's how you go about doing it:

Go to your portfolio: http://pages.google.com and login. Open the page you created for productivity tools. On this page, include links to each of your productivity tools objects (saved as pdf files - I'll show you how to do this in class today). Give an explanation for each of your artifacts, what you learned in the development of the artifact, and how it could be used in a classroom. You'll also want to include a few screen shots of your different objects (I'll show you how to do this in class on Thursday).

Then, on the same webpage, explain in detail the types of activities students can do using productivity tools. Your discussion and specific descriptions should focus on activities at a LoTi level of 2 or greater. Make sure to publish the page when you are finished.

The easiest way to go about completing this portion of the assignment is to first talk in general about the products you created - what you learned while creating them and how they could be used by a teacher in your subject area. Then, locate 3 or 4 lesson plans that use the productivity tools and discuss them in detail. The focus of this portion of the reflection is on the ways students can use the tools at a LoTi level of 2 or higher.

There are two good places to go to find sample lessons that use productivity tools:

1. Georgia Learning Connections (select your grade level, select "technology integration" for the subject. Select "Lesson Plans" for the resources. Click the "Search QCC" button. Then click the "Productivity" link)
2.Microsoft Lesson Plans

Remember that lower grade levels may use tools like Graph Club (for spreadsheets/graphing) and KidPix (for multimedia presentations) instead of Excel and PowerPoint - but you can use these as examples for your reflection.

Don't forget that all of this goes onto your productivity tools webpage with links to the objects you created.

Your final submission includes:
1. Prints of all your nine projects (They are not required to be in colors);
2. Email me the link of your reflection page for the Productivity Tools project;
3. Email me your actual excel spread sheet of the Grade sheet and attendance sheet.

Again, this project is due on September 24th, before the class starts. You need to turn in all the required elements by that time. Otherwise, you need to tell me that you are going to use your late pass to get an extra 48 hours to work on it.

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