Class 16: Kidspiration

Your productivity tools are due today before the class starts. Please turn in your printed artifacts and email me your reflection page links plus the grade & attendance sheets.

Today we'll talk more about how to create an activity in Kidspiration and look at some
additional examples of project ideas. More examples as following:
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4

Here are more ideas from the Inspiration website . You will have the reminder of class to work on your project.

By looking at these examples, I want you understand that the project requirement for Inspiration and Kidspiration is to use their unique functions to engage your future students in the activities. They cannot be just a static "diagram" or "worksheet". You should use at least two or more special functions only from them, such as links, hyperlinks, outlines, super group , and sound, and your students should actually "interact" with the diagram and get themselves engaged in the learning contents.

After talking about the Inspiration/Kidspiration project, please start to think about the activities that you will create for the project. They should be related to your own subject area and grade level. Write down your ideas on the index card and discuss it with your neighbors.

Inspiration/Kidspiration project is due Monday, October 1st at the beginning of class. You should bring a printed copy of each activity and each teacher information sheet.

For your Teacher Information Sheet, the Technology Integration Standard addressed is:
"Uses brainstorming/webbing software in planning, organizing, and prewriting. " This is from the Technology Integration Standards on the Georgia Learning Connections website. Your content standards should come from the Georgia Performance Standards.

To get more ideas of your subject area and grade level, you can go to the Curriculum Circulation Library on the 2nd floor to check out related textbooks for your references.

To work on your home computer, you need to go to the Inspiration website and download the free 30-day trial of Inspiratin or Kidspiration from here.

For Friday:
1. Turn in your "All about me" class assignments;
All about me in-class project should start with a general concept, 3 topics about you and 2 examples for each of the 3 topics. The concepts should be linked together, in various colors, and shapes and pictures are to be used.
2. Work on your Inspiration/Kidspiration project. You should have already downloaded the trial version of Inspiration or Kidspiration on your home computer.

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