Class 42: The Last Day of the Class

Today is the last day of our class. Again, this semester goes really fast! I really appreciate the time we have spent together because I have learned a lot from you all.

This is the second semester that I have been teaching in the U.S. I want to thank you all for your efforts to take part in the class discussion, share the project stories, work with your assignments, and review your peers' projects. I hope you all have learned from this class as well as I have learned a lot from you. I also want to thank you all a lot for your patience and nice when I was nervous or couldn't find the right words.
I wish you much success throughout your educational career and your future career, whatever that may be. I have confidence that each of you will be successful!

Today we still have several things to accomplish:
1. Finish the class evaluation.
2. Go through the final project.
3. We need to take a class picture.
4. Please make sure to fill in the "Final Checkout" form before you leave. I need your contact information in case I couldn't access your works.
5. I will finish grading by December 18th. -Your grade will be available on the WebCT right after I post them. Please email me if you have any questions with your final grade.

Please know that I am willing to be a resource for you. I can always aid you if needed. I check my emails hundreds of times per day!

Take care, good luck on your finals, and... Merry Christmas!


Class 39: Capstone

Today we are continue working on the Capstone project. You will write down at least two objectives for your capstone project, using the ABCD rule. We will discuss these objectives and share with the class.
You might also want to send me your project to my email to get my feedback before it is done.


Class 38: Capston--ASSURE model

Monday we introduced the Caspston project and the first three components in the ASSURE model-
: Analyze Learners
S: State Objectives
S: Select the Media, Methods, and Materials

Today we will introduced the last three components -
U: Utilize Media, Methods, and Materials
R: Require Learner Participation
E: Evaluate and Revise

Lesson Plan -- on The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry

Then I wish you could share your lesson plan idea with your neighbours. After this, you will work on your project independently. You will follow the steps listed in the online instruction guide for completing the ASSURE lesson plan template.


Class 37: Capstone--ASSURE model

There are many different lesson plan formats, but one that helps
to organize teaching and learning through the use of technology
is the ASSURE model:
A: Analyze Learners
S: State Objectives
S: Select the Media, Methods, and Materials
U: Utilize Media, Methods, and Materials
R: Require Learner Participation
E: Evaluate and Revise

Lesson Plan -- on The Giver: A Novel by Lois Lowry

For your Capstone Project for the course, you will select one of
the projects you created this semester and write an original
lesson plan that uses that project to teach a Georgia Performance
Standard. You will use the ASSURE model as your lesson plan
format. The instructor in IT program, Gretchen Thomas have
created a
web page that will walk you through the development
process step-by-step. You can view the actual
project description
and grading rubric.

Your final product (due Wednesday, December 5th) will be the completed
instructional plan template. It will most likely by 3-4 pages long. The
largest section of your template should be the "Require Learner
Participation" section, as this is where you will describe your actual
learning activity -- what your learners will be doing.

For Wednesday:
Begin working on your lesson plan with using ASSURE model


Class 36: Peer Review on WebQuest

Today we will do the peer review on your WebQuest project. By now you should have already finished at least half of your project. Your group should find another group(s) and review each other's works based on the review form that I sent to you.

Groups are encouraged to discuss your projects with other groups when you are reviewing.
Each of the groups needs to send back your review forms both to me and the group that you have reviewed.
You will have more time to work on your project after the review.

Monday is the due date of the WebQuest project. Your group can come to work in classroom, and I will be here to work with you . But if your group can finish the work before Monday, or you feel comfirtable to work with your group members outside of the classroom, you can send me the link of your WebQuest page to my email. So for some of you who might not be coming on Monday, have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!


Class 35: Continue working on WebQuest--Resources, Evaluation, and Conclusion

Today we will continue working on the components of resources, evaluation, and conclusion for your WebQuest project.

For the component of resources in your WebQuest, as required in the rubric, you will need at least 5 web resources for your students to use when they are accomplishing their tasks. These web resources should be age appropriate and relevant to the tasks. You might want to use those resources that Ms. Nadine Cohen provided in last Wednesday's class.

For the evluation part, I wish to see that there is a direct link between the required task and the evaluation. Your rubric should be quantified, in details and clearly stated.

For the part of conclusion, you will summarize what students will learn when they finish this project, and you might also want to inspire their further thinking toward the subject content and the skills that they have been used, by asking some questions. A good example of conclusion can be like this.

On Friday, we will have the peer review on your half-finished project. You need to finish at least half of your project before Friday's class, including the introduction, tasks, process, and some resources. You will find another group and you two groups will review each other's work. Or, if we can do three-group review.


Class 34: Working on WebQuest--Introduction, Task and Process

Last week we looked at the major components of the WebQuest.

Today you'll be given most of class time working in pairs on your WebQuest -- by Friday's class it is expected that you will be at least halfway finished with your entire WebQuest ( Introduction, Task, Process and Evaluation on the student's version). We will be working in groups on Friday to conduct peer reviews of your WebQuests and the rest of time will be given working on the project. Friday will be the last day for you to work on WebQuest project.

Please refer to the assignement description while working on it.

Two gateway websites National Digital Science Library
and WebQuest Taxonomy of Tasks - what types of tasks can you assign to students?
The Building Blocks of a WebQuest - what are the specific parts of a WebQuest?
The WebQuest Design Process - what is a good way to put together a WebQuest?
Sample WebQuests