Class 7: Learning Theories & DN vs. DI

Today we have two tasks. First we are going to continue the disscussion of learning theories-- we still have two groups who will present your constructivist theory today.

After this, I am going to ask you to share your opinions about the reading of Digital Natives, Digital Imigrants, by Dr. Prensky from last week.

Our discussion will base on the following quesitons:

1. After reading this article, what do you think you are, DN or DI? Why?
2. Give me some examples of the difference between DN and DI in your past learning experience in or out of classroom.
3. When considering yourself as either a DN or a DI, what challenges do you expect that you might face in the future if you will be a teacher?
4. What do you think you will do to overcome these challenges?

For Friday, we are going to talk about teaching strategies. To understand this topic better, we are going to play a game. You need to read this and this very carefully before the class. The winners will get prizes!

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