Class 10: Productivity Tools (2)

We'll start at the beginning LoTi levels with our first project - productivity tools. Whether a teacher is a digital native or immigrant - it is necessary for educators to understand the purpose for productivity tools in the classroom. Improving teacher efficiency, promoting a professional environment, and addressing various student learning needs are just a few of the reasons for using productivity tools in the classroom. Did you know that there are national standards for technology use for teachers and for students? Productivity tools are just one part of these standards.

How do you create a professional classroom? How do you promote efficiency? What materials do you need to create before the school year begins? Do you have to create everything from scratch?
This project will help you to think about and address some of these issues. You will work individually on this project, and it will be due on Monday, September 24th at the beginning of class.

Working at a LoTi level of 1 and/or 2, you will complete the various pieces of the productivity tools project. At the end of the project - you will research examples of productivity tool use by students - in the hopes of finding examples of LoTi levels 2 and 3.

There are many objects to complete and details to remember. I will help you step by step. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the project. Today we will be mainly working on two programs: Microsoft Word and Excel. I will give you a mini-lesson on that. For those of you who have good computer skills for this project, you can go ahead and work on your project. One thing I would like to bring your attention is the nine objects should address your chosen grade level and subject area.


Some samples:
Hall Pass

Please remember to save and backup your works as frequently as you can!

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