Class 42: The Last Day of the Class

Today is the last day of our class. Again, this semester goes really fast! I really appreciate the time we have spent together because I have learned a lot from you all.

This is the second semester that I have been teaching in the U.S. I want to thank you all for your efforts to take part in the class discussion, share the project stories, work with your assignments, and review your peers' projects. I hope you all have learned from this class as well as I have learned a lot from you. I also want to thank you all a lot for your patience and nice when I was nervous or couldn't find the right words.
I wish you much success throughout your educational career and your future career, whatever that may be. I have confidence that each of you will be successful!

Today we still have several things to accomplish:
1. Finish the class evaluation.
2. Go through the final project.
3. We need to take a class picture.
4. Please make sure to fill in the "Final Checkout" form before you leave. I need your contact information in case I couldn't access your works.
5. I will finish grading by December 18th. -Your grade will be available on the WebCT right after I post them. Please email me if you have any questions with your final grade.

Please know that I am willing to be a resource for you. I can always aid you if needed. I check my emails hundreds of times per day!

Take care, good luck on your finals, and... Merry Christmas!