Class 25: PowerPoint Game--Game Day!

Hello all, as you already know, today is the Game Day! After two weeks' hard work on the PowerPoint game projects, now it is time for us to enjoy the game and share with others!
Please come to the class a little bit earlier to have your game set up on the computer.
I have already reserved room 618#, which is next to our classroom, in case that the Macs in our classroom still cannot work. But I will check tomorrow morning and will let you know before the class.
For those of you who sent me email saying that you will bring your own laptop, you can still do that if you wish, but you can also use the classroom computers, because we now have two classrooms for today's showcase.

We have 19 persons in each class and the class lasts only 50 minutes. So you will first get into four groups and then each group will elect a "best group PowerPoint Game". This will take about 15 minutes. Then the four "Group Best PowerPoint Game maker" will show the whole class your game on the teacher station. You will need to first introduce yourself and the game's name. Then you need to introduce your subject area and the educational objectives of your game. In the following you can talk about your story or strategy, game direction, the strengthens and how you will use it in the class. Every presenter will have 7 minutes for the presentation. During their presentations, the rest of the class will need to judge the quality of their games according to the score chart that I will distribute in the class. After all the four presentations, you need to vote for the "Best Game Creator".

For Friday, we will start talk about the iMovie project.
Plus, please send me your PowerPoint game and the URL for your PowerPoint game reflection page before the class starts on Friday. Thanks!

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