Class 24: PowerPoint Game-- Optional day

Hello, all, today as talked is an optional day. You can choose either come to the classroom or stay at home to work on your PowerPoint game based on the feedback that you have already received from your partners. Please notice that you can use today as a "makeup" day for your previous absences.
On Wednesday, we will have the game showcase. You will need to set up your game on the computer. For those of you who have been working on the Macs, please bring your UGA ID and check out a laptop before the class so that we can set up your game on a "working" computer. If you decide to bring your own laptop, please email me in advance. I am sorry about those unworkable computers, but let us work together to make our Game Day joyful!
You will vote for a "Best-game" in the class. I will come out a score-chart later and put it online.
I am looking forward your games!

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