Class 20: PowerPoint Game-- Action button

Please turn in your Learning Puzzle chart for the PowerPoint game before the class.

We started to create the basic slides on Wednesday. Today we will start working on action buttons.

Action buttons are easier than they seem. Being slow and methodical makes it easier to create action buttons that direct the user to the correct feedback.

Here are some links that will review what we learned in class today:

Creating question slides
Creating the headquarters to access your question slides

There are two parts of your game that ensure students will want to use it for learning: the story and the level of questions. You want to make sure that you have an engaging story - and you also want to make sure that your game is the right level of challenge. Factual level questions are too easy (and boring) regardless of the grade level you are targeting. We'll spend time in class on Friday working on your game design and learning how to write good questions.

Before Monday's class, you should have the following slides ready:
  • Title slide
  • Story slide
  • Direction slide
  • Game preparation slide (optional)
  • Game piece slide (optional)
  • Credits slide
  • Educational objective slide
  • Feedback slide for correct answer
  • Feedback slide for wrong answer
  • The headquarter slide
You can choose not to have game boards and/or game pieces in your game, but if you choose to have them in your PowerPoint game, you will get one extra point for your PowerPoint game.

There are two ways to make the game board. One is to use your hand, the other is to use computer to draw a game board. If you choose to use your hand, you will need to scan your game board. The instruction will give it to you on Wednesday. If you want to draw the game board with computer, you can draw it in PowerPoint (one letter size) or your can draw it in Fireworks (as large as you want). This is your option to learn to use Firework to draw the board.

Next week's agenda:
  • Monday (October 8th): Writing Good Questions
Bloom's Taxonomy will be talked and you are going to use it to write your questions. Write 3 questions to use in your game (on scratch paper) and bring to class.
  • Wednesday (October 10th): Independent Work Time
You will have the entire class to work on your games. Class attendance is required.
  • Friday (October 12nd): Peer review of games
You will share your game idea with your classmates, complete review of games.

Agenda of the week after the next:
  • Monday (October 15th): Optional Independent Work Time
You will want to attend this session to get assistance with unfinished portions of your games. However, if you do not neet assistance, then you are not required to attend and your participation grade for the semester is not penalized. I also use this as an "attendance makeup day" so that you can make up an absence from the beginning of the semester.

  • Wednesday (October 17th): Game Day
You bring all of the materials necessary to play their games and games are shared with peers during the class session. We will have a competition for "best game". Everyone needs to vote a game of the best.

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