Class 23: PowerPoint Game-- Peer Review

  1. If you are not ready for peer review, then you will have 20 mins at the beginning of the class to continue working on it.
  2. Find a partner!
  3. If you and your partner are both ready, please come to get the review forms from me.
  4. The review forms include two parts. Form #1 asks you to give suggestions and feedback for improvement, and Form #2 asks you to give the grade to the game.
  5. You will use 15-20 mins to review the project and fill out the forms.
  6. When you complete the forms, please give both forms to your partner.
  7. Discussions with your partner are encouraged.

If your partner is not here, please use the electronic version of the forms and email it to him or her when you are done at class.

Please bring both forms back to me on next Monday. Thanks!

Notice: The only thing you need to do for now is to submit the electronic copy to my email Monday!

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