Class 36: Peer Review on WebQuest

Today we will do the peer review on your WebQuest project. By now you should have already finished at least half of your project. Your group should find another group(s) and review each other's works based on the review form that I sent to you.

Groups are encouraged to discuss your projects with other groups when you are reviewing.
Each of the groups needs to send back your review forms both to me and the group that you have reviewed.
You will have more time to work on your project after the review.

Monday is the due date of the WebQuest project. Your group can come to work in classroom, and I will be here to work with you . But if your group can finish the work before Monday, or you feel comfirtable to work with your group members outside of the classroom, you can send me the link of your WebQuest page to my email. So for some of you who might not be coming on Monday, have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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