Class 35: Continue working on WebQuest--Resources, Evaluation, and Conclusion

Today we will continue working on the components of resources, evaluation, and conclusion for your WebQuest project.

For the component of resources in your WebQuest, as required in the rubric, you will need at least 5 web resources for your students to use when they are accomplishing their tasks. These web resources should be age appropriate and relevant to the tasks. You might want to use those resources that Ms. Nadine Cohen provided in last Wednesday's class.

For the evluation part, I wish to see that there is a direct link between the required task and the evaluation. Your rubric should be quantified, in details and clearly stated.

For the part of conclusion, you will summarize what students will learn when they finish this project, and you might also want to inspire their further thinking toward the subject content and the skills that they have been used, by asking some questions. A good example of conclusion can be like this.

On Friday, we will have the peer review on your half-finished project. You need to finish at least half of your project before Friday's class, including the introduction, tasks, process, and some resources. You will find another group and you two groups will review each other's work. Or, if we can do three-group review.

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