Class 5: Continue working on your autobiography page & DN vs. DI

Note: Please remember to sign-in when you come to the class!

Today's due:
You need to turn in the printed resume before the class. Otherwise you will need to give me your last pass to get extra 48 hours to work on it.

Today we have two topics:
  • Your autobiography page
  • DN vs. DI
You autobiography page

First we are going to finish our works on your autobiography page. As I mentioned in last class, your finished autobiography page should include:

  1. A brief (1-2 paragraph) introduction to yourself – current
    information, career plans, and where you see yourself in
    5 years.
  2. A link to your resume.
  3. At least 3 external links to places of interest.
  4. 3-5 pictures
Some ideas for personalize your web-portfolio
Courtney William
Rachel Tuck

Tips of Google Pages Creator (Online)
1. Google Page Creator Help
2. Create Your Home Page With Google Page Creator

This work will due on the beginning of Friday's class. Please send me the link of your autobiography page by then.

Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants

Then we are going to talk about the phenomenon of digital natives and digital immigrants. First we are going to watch a video. Then we are going to discuss the following questions:

1. After reading this article, what do you think you are, DN or DI? Why?
2. Give me some examples of the difference between DN and DI in your past learning experience (middle school, high school, or college level).
3. When considering yourself as either a DN or a DI, what challenges do you expect that you might face in the future if you will be a teacher?
4. What do you think you will do to overcome these challenges?

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