Class 2: Get started!

Digital Generation

We already talked a little bit about how technologies are integrated into teaching and learning. Now let's look at what does technology integration look like Harrison County High School in Gulfport, Mississippi. This is a wonderful example of students and teachers using technology tools for learning. If that’s not enough, see how Mary Scroggs Elementary School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina integrates technology to help younger children learn.

What knowledge do you currently have about teaching and learning? About what technology integration looks like in a classroom? What technology skills do you already possess?

How would you describe your future students? What type of learners will they be? What expectations will they have for their learning environment, for their teachers, for their community?

These are all questions to consider your audience, what teaching will need to look like for them, and how you can use technology in effective ways for this particular audience.
In order to find and document these appropriate uses of technology, you will work independently, in partners, and in groups to prepare educational activities for specific curriculum topics. As I mentioned in last Friday, you will play the role of a classroom teacher and use your content knowledge, understanding of teaching and learning strategies, and your technology skills to develop real applications for the various tools explored during the semester. Your final product will be a web-based set of activities to teach specific curriculum objectives.

USB Key Drive
You should have your USB key drive with you for today. The handout tells you how to set it up. Before you leave today you should have 2 folders and 1 document on your drive.

Two folders:

  • Assignments
  • Portfolio

Open if found document
Open MS Word and create a new document. Type the following:
1. your name
2. phone #
3. e-mail address

Save the file to your key drive (see handout). The file should be called "openiffound.doc". This file should be saved to the key drive - not in one of the 2 folders you created.

For Wednesday's class, we are going to introduce a little more about Windows and Mac, ways to backup and our first assignment.

Tomorrow will be the last day for drop and add!

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